SAF’s Inspiration

On October 04, 2017, Green Beret Medical Sergeant Bryan Black was killed in action while defending his nation and his Special Forces teammates outside the village of Tongo Tongo, Niger. Bryan’s fighting spirit combined with his desire to serve pushed his family to start Soldier’s Alliance Foundation (SAF) in honor of the man Bryan was and all he stood for.

Staff Sergeant Bryan Black was a Green Beret Medical Sergeant, father, son, husband, accomplished chess champion, cigar aficionado, coffee connoisseur, and master of many skills – including poker, carpentry, stock trading, martial arts, and three foreign languages. But most of all SSG Bryan Black was a man who never settled. Throughout the whole of his life, he strove to learn more, to do more, to be better, and always serve others. Bryan learned chess in the fourth grade and by age 11 he reached the national finals coming in second. 

As an adult Bryan Black joined the military and went into the U.S. Army Special Forces. He met many friends along the way, some of whom he helped and encouraged through the 18D medical course. After earning his Green Beret, Bryan deployed to Afghanistan, returning in time for Christmas. One week later he volunteered for U.S. Army Ranger School where he met men who would later attest to Bryan being the reason they got through the course.

After earning his Ranger tab Bryan deployed to Niger with ODA 3212 in 2016 as the junior Medic. While there he taught himself the local language, Hausa, and ran a daily Bible study for the men. After arriving home began to teach himself French, woodworking, and coffee roasting. In August 2017, Bryan once again deployed with team 3212 to Niger, Africa, this time as the teams lead medical sergeant. He was killed only 5 weeks later in an ambush. Bryan loved to learn and it was clear in the way he wisely used his time every single day of his life. Some people could, would, should. Bryan did.

While serving his country SSG Bryan Black was awarded:

Purple Heart

Bronze Star with V Device

Meritorious Service Medal

Army Commendation Medal with C Device

Army Commendation Medal

Army Good Conduct Medal (2)

National Defense Service Medal

Global War on Terrorism Service Medal

Army Service Ribbon

Niger Cross of Valor with Star

Marksmanship Qualification Badge – Sharpshooter with Rifle.

Combat Infantryman Badge

Special Forces Tab

Ranger Tab

Parachutist Badge

Air Assault Badge

After ODA 3212 had been ambushed by an overwhelming force, Bryan directed his truck to stay behind leading it into a blocking position. Numerous times Bryan and two remaining teammates exposed themselves to enemy fire as they worked together to position the truck. This decision to remain behind allowed the rest of the team a chance to escape. 

While out front of the vehicle, Bryan saw a teammate fall, without hesitation or concern for his own safety, he charged back towards the truck and was killed by an incoming round. That day four brave American soldiers were killed in action.

Bryan lived out the Bible verse he had grown up hearing, “Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”

In the aftermath of the ambush in Tongo Tongo, Niger, a four-star command known as Africa Command (or AFRICOM) opened up an investigation into the incident. Following a seven-month long investigation, in which AFRICOM investigated itself, no fault was found on the part of the AFRICOM nor the leadership that ordered the ill-conceived mission.

Soldiers Alliance Foundation was born out of this great injustice. Our goal is to protect and defend individuals serving in the lower ranks of our military, standing tall as a beacon of hope, where individuals can come seek help and change without fear of reprimand by those who outrank them. Our main focus is to protect the honor and basic rights of military personnel, giving a voice to the greatest concerns and failures at the heart of our military institutions and working towards positive change.

Our non-profit seeks to eliminate conflicts of interest in the way military investigations are carried out. No longer should military commands be allowed to conduct investigations on themselves in order to absolve their own wrongdoing — whereby men and women of lower rank who have no legal rights are left exposed, helpless to both accusations and punishment of those in their own direct command.

Soldiers Alliance Foundation serves those in our military by fighting relentlessly for justice and what is right, always placing the other individual first, just as SSG Bryan Black did throughout his honorable military service, including during the final heroic moments of his life in the Tongo Tongo ambush.

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